About the FFBC Blog

This blog is a blog designed to inform and encourage Christians and be an aid to the churches, pastors, and members of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches.  The articles on this site are written by ministerial members, pastors, and laymen from the FFBC.  While it is hoped that the articles will be helpful and encouraging, it is also to be understood that all articles are the responsibility of the particular author.  No article is to be interpreted as the “official position” of the FFBC on any matter in which it touches.  The FFBC as a whole, or the Executive Committee of the FFBC are the only ones who speak officially for the FFBC.

If you are a ministerial member of the FFBC, a pastor of a FFBC church or a layman involved in the FFBC, we invite you to submit articles for publishing on the FFBC Blog.  Please send Pastor Frank Sansone of Fellowship Baptist Church of Salisbury, Maryland an email indicating your desire to participate.

If you have suggestions on how to make the FFBC Blog a more useful site, please let me know, as well.


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  1. Pastor Sansone,

    I would invite you to visit http://www.e-sword-users.org. We have a growing list of e-sword resources.

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